The Joy of Writing


In the past, I have written nursing books, professional articles, and articles for newspapers and blogs. I am inviting you to join me as I venture into a whole new area: Romance fiction.  It is scary not to have my nursing to hold onto for support, but how else will you know if you can do something unless you jump off the cliff of the unknown and risk it.  First of all, I immediately learned that it is not just sitting down and writing out a story. Writing is a craft:  a real profession.  I have total respect for the writers of this genre.  The romance authors I have met are tough, smart, and witty. In the last six months, I have been so fortunate to meet other authors who are successful in this genre. I discovered that it is so easy to let your main character lead you into situations that are impossible to get out of and maintain any dignity. 

At least once a month, or more, I will share my stories as I go down this path. Already I have provided lots of laughter for my friends: my characters have given me lots of problems.  Like errant children, they get into all kinds of trouble. I think I had an easier time with my real children. Each posting will talk a little bit about the new focus and things I am learning as I move forward.  The critical factor is to have mentors in the same field, you trust,  that you can share the many gopher holes you encounter and show you how to get out of the tunnel and back out into the light.

I hope to share the stories related to my search to gain deeper insight into my characters. I hope to discuss things like outlining or plotting, character arcs, character development that I have learned already, and need more research. This involves sharing the books that are helping me down this path. 

In my business, I write everyday related to clients, patient needs, future needs and monies. I do not plan to give that up.  I love what I do for others.

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