Family Hikes Near American River


American River offers many areas for hikers of all skill levels. However, the trails we are visiting today are labeled as natural. The scenery is excellent, and the trails are easy to follow.

Dave Moore Nature Trail (1 mile) This trail is a one-mile loop from near Lotus, California, and it is good to take the whole family for a nice walk. Dogs can be on this trail but must be on a leash. It features wooded areas and has some areas that are along the river.  You may meet birdwatchers along the path, as this is an excellent area to see many varieties of birds indigenous to this area.

The American River via Bannister Park (2 miles) is located near Fair Oaks, California, and it is deemed all levels of skill. It is dog friendly, but they must be on a leash.  It is accessible year-round, and a pleasant family walks. This trail is relatively flat, but protect your dog’s feet as there is a lot of river rocks in some areas.  Since it is a forested and river trail, keep an eye out for snakes, but that is true anywhere in California. What I liked about it was that there is a lot of shade and trees. I saw a lot of different birds, including turkeys,  little wrens, and ground squirrels. Weekends can be crowded. Runners like this path also. There is plenty of plants to identify and have gold mining history also. Wheelchairs can travel in the first half as the trail is for them, but the river area is not accessible. Dinosaurs are hiding along the path meant to interest the children, but they are not intended to take home. This trail is designed to be a nice family walk.

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