Garden Tasks 2022



Time to Think About the 2022 Garden

Winter sneaked upon us here in the California Valley. I said sneaked because we have not had any cold weather but for a few nights of it getting down to the high 30’s. In this post, I will be discussing my personal garden goals and getting your garden ready for prime garden time, which is just around the corner.

2022 Garden Goals

  1. To Be more organized and develop a whole garden plan before planting. The chilly winds make it a perfect time to start planning this year’s gardens. I received several seed catalogs last month. When I ordered the seeds, they were here within a few days. Now to control myself and not plant too early for those plants who can’t stand the cold.
  2. To have a garden journal and keep it up to date. I always start so well and then find I am so lazy about writing everything down by the end of the season. I will strive to be more cognitive about journaling this time. I bought a new unlined journal. During the garden year, I will share my journal with you.
  3. I developed a form to keep track of my tools and replace them when I se it needs to be done, not wait until I need to use them. I have developed a word table to list al my tools, the date I bought them, date evaluated, and comments for whether they need repair, sharpened, or oiled.
  4. Grow more of my plants from seeds rather than buying the plants from the nursery. I am currently rebuilding the old chicken house into a garden shed with part of it set up like a miniature greenhouse to start my plants. I will also use it to store my garden tools.
  5. Learn to enjoy my garden work, rather than looking at it only as work. I need to spend more time in the garden to enjoy it rather than just always scheduling time to work. Although every time ZI look at the beds, I see things that need to be done. I will plant more flowers rather than just all foods.

Tasks for February:

  • Make sure beds, planters, and other garden sources are free of weeks, slugs, and wild (or tamed) animal poo.
  • It’s time to plant the cool season crops. (either directly sowed into the beds or started in growth pots. Broccoli, cabbage, kale, chard, spinach, and onions.
  • Make sure tools are clean, sharpened, and oiled – replace those which you can’t fix. See section on garden tool repairs.
  • order seeds and bulbs from the dealers.
  • prune trees, bushes, (including roses) before they come out of dormancy (although here is Sacramento, even the grapevines show buds.
  • Use a dormant spray on rose bushes, fruit trees and shrubs.
  • Be sure to have covers ready fore the beds in case of a surprise frost warning.
  • Train your blackberries to a trellis and clip ready for summer growth and production,
  • Start seeds indoors or in the greenhouse for summer plants,
  • Divide your perennials.

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