Meditation to Find Your Center


Three Steps to Meditation for Centering

What does find your center mean?  Finding your center is a phrase that is used in yoga, tai chi, meditation, religion, but what does it mean? In the crazy world that we live in, it is essential to be able to reach inside of ourselves and find our internal compass to be in control of our bodies, our mind, and our presence: to calm ourselves.

My suggestion is to set up a place, either inside or outside, that can be a place to renew, committee, and relax.  In this place, but things that mean something to you that assist you to be able to escape the world around us.


When everything is chaotic, you first notice you are off-balance.  Awareness is the first step to be able to change your internal self.  Your sub-consciousness is trying to adjust by shifting your thought processes to combat the feeling of confusion, disorientation, anger, and stress.  Awareness of what is happening gives us the first step in conquering the problem.

Identifying what is happening,

Take an inward look at what is happening right now, right at this moment. Look at how you are thinking, what is causing you to feel the way that you are feeling.

Developing a response:

Start by closing your eyes, taking slow deep breaths. Develop a picture in your mind of a place that means calmness. Direct all your senses towards that particular place. Relax your shoulders, place your hands in a neutral position, and slowly focus on your breathing. Slowly breathe in and out.   When you feel the decreasing feeling of chaos, then it is time to look around you to focus on why you lost your center. Are you able to see things differently? Are there solutions to problems you overlooked due to being overwhelmed?

In the beginning, it will take longer to practice than after you meditate for a longer time. Pick a time of day (usually early in the morning or before going to bed). Daily meditation, using the techniques listed above, will allow you to focus on your life, make better decisions, and be calmer. It will not take long for people around you to see the person you are, rather than the person they saw when you were chaotic. 

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