COVID, TRAVEL, and Events In Northern California

COVID, TRAVEL, and Events In Northern California


Covid-19 Activities

Since the discovery of Covid-19 and the effect it has had on our community, I am offering fun things to do at home.  I understand that for some people being at home is a great thing.  They have had time to catch up on cleaning and yard work. However, after a while, boredom is a problem for others.  So some of the things we can do at home.

  • Take an online cooking class.  There are some great classes on YouTube, the cooking websites. Try something new.  Let your kids cook dinner (may not be cordon bleu level, but guaranteed to be interesting.
  • Home Game night. Turn off the TV and have fun. It never hurts to serve popcorn. If the kids are older, then raise the stakes for the losers. Suggestions:
    1. losers have to do the other’s chores the next day.
    2. Winners get to chose the music for an evening
    3. Change the levels. Whoever loses is the winner and gets to chose a tv show for the next night.
  • Have a Spa Night                                         
    1. Pedicures
    2. Manicures
    3. Facials
    4. Soft music
  • Learn a new skill
    1. Sign language or make up your own sign language.             
    2. Language tapes (learn a language as a family)
    3. An Art night (finger painting on the patio)
    4. Chalk drawing contest on the driveway or sidewalk
  • Go for preplanned walks
    1. Have a scavenger hunt at the park (safe distancing if others are present) Be sure to wear your masks.
    2. Walk around the neighborhood (have checkoff lists for who can find different things such as odd mailbox, the first sight of a chicken or bug, best garden, first one to see an open garage door, etc.
  • Explore famous places with google earth. See Zoos, famous landmarks, friends, homes, etc.
  • Draw treasure maps for scavenger hunts in the house
  • Check out the animal cams on the internet
  • Make an obstacle course in the backyard

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