Self Preservation Routines

Self Preservation Routines

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In an earlier post, I discussed the importance of developing a daily routine for productivity and developing a less stressful life.  There is no doubt that the times of today are challenging and peace is difficult to find. It is a great comfort to end the day by acknowledging the good things during the day. Preparing for the next day but looking at your calendar, laying your clothes out, washing, and being prepared gives calmness to the following day. The last few hours of my day include knitting, watching my favorite knitting or narrowboat vlogs on YouTube, or have a nice cup of tea with a good book for a while.

When growing up, our parents often read to us just before bed, and we took our favorite stuffed animal or blanket to bed with us.  These props gave us the settling down our minds need to get a restful night.  Often, when I would wake up during the night, a quick cuddle with my doll Suzy gave me security, and I could drift back off to sleep quickly.  She protected me from bad dreams and sleepless nights.  Wonder what happened to Suzy?  With the unrest of our society, the day to day pressures of stress, I could probably use Suzy on a nightly basis.

Another function of stress reduction is the importance of daydreams, which allows us to sort out what we would like to do, with what we need to do. Daydreams often spur creativity and usually allows us to have the presence to solve problems. The function of the brain when daydreaming is to provide an incubator for thinking.  Another example is brainstorming by the actual brain rather than by a group of people.

To develop the routines that allow you to escape the world, have a sense of purpose, reduce the daily stress, and help you take care of yourself.  Have a cup of peppermint tea on me.

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