New Beginnings

New Beginnings


Many people today have lost their jobs, had to learn to work from home, or forced to leave a job they loved for a lessor ranking or paying job due to the COVID pandemic. Since 2018, I have worked out of my home as an expert witness using my nursing and business skills.  When the Covid Pandemic appeared, it didn’t seem to change most of the job I was doing, with a few exceptions:

  • I could no longer complete a patient assessment in person. However, I could meet with them through zoom or other online sources.
  • I completed my depositions on line, again through zoom or other servers. However, the civil and Federal trials were put on hold.
  • In my case management job, most of my work changed from in-person to online meetings and summaries.
  • And I started writing Fiction.  This is a big thing. I have always wanted to write my books, but now I have no excuse. I have time to write.

Considering this, I joined several online writers organizations, started taking online writing classes, and started writing my books. Starting with this posting, this section of my blog will be devoted to this journey and have sessions concerning my fictional writing. I want to share the journey and hopefully entertain you with my misadventures, adventures, trials, and tribulations.

For the new or even experienced writer, I would suggest joining the writing sprinting groups.

There are many different groups through the different writing associations, especially the “Shut up and Write groups.  Depending on the type of group, you usually meet either on Zoom or Google groups. They start for the first few minutes talking about what they are writing and their writing goals. You get to meet a lot of people who are at different stages of their writing. Then they set the timers, usually for 30 -one-hour segments, and you work on your project independently. Many positive things are occurring through these groups.

  • I belong to four different groups, RWA, SU&W Carmichael, SU&W Munich, SU&W, and SU&W Groningen (Netherlands). So many fantastic people in these groups.
  • You have a support group that is there to answer any questions that you may have about writing.
  • You can share experiences
  • You have experience with seminars and workshops for writers.
  • You have a common focus of surviving the pandemic.

I am currently writing a Western romance novel and have the first draft, second draft, and the third draft.  I had beta readers and my first experience with a developmental editor (more on that experience in future postings). So join me on this journey, and I hope you have as much fun as I am having.


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