March Garden Tasks

March Garden Tasks


March Garden Tasks – Sacramento

This is the start of our busy season. So much excitement happening around the garden, I cannot wait to dig in, literally. If you have not started your potato plants, now is the time to get them in the ground. The days are getting warmer (in the 70’s the first week) and should start warming the ground.

  • Start your tomato seeds to be planted in April or early May. Use a good seed starting soil in small pots. Place them over a heat mat, or in a warm place in your house. The bottom heat of the heat mat increases germination. If starting in the green house, make a tent of plastic to increase the humidity. Be careful not to water too much to prevent mold. Just barely damp soil is best for the plants. It will take six weeks of growth before you can plant outdoors.
  • It is time to plant the onions, and other bulb vegetables, again starting in pots to be transplanted outdoors in a few weeks.
  • Clean up time. There are many branches, old leaves and pieces of trash left by the wind during the last few weeks: pick up, clean up, and fill up the green waste cans.  If you are out of the city limits, controlled burns can take place now. Be sure to check with the fire department for the days that are used for the burns.
  • Amending the soil as you prepare the beds is essential to planting.
  • If you did not plant your peas last month, it is time to plant them now. Sweet peas can be put in the ground the middle of February for Peas at the end of March. Be sure to have a sturdy trellis or wiring for them to grow on. One week before planting, I make sure that the ground is loose (adding a little sand works wonders) so the soil drains well.
  • If you did not have time during the winter, you need to be sure your tools are clean, sharpened, and oiled. It is a good habit to do the task at the end of each week.

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