Living the Good Life

Living the Good Life

living good life

What does “living the good life” mean?  In books and movies, they defined it as someone who is living in comfort with few worries or problems.  Does it mean being free from financial debt? Or does it have a deeper meaning? Socrates explained that living a good life means there is more to living than just the day to day experience. He indicated that you needed to think about your life or understand your life so that you can better your existence, whether financially, medically, or physically.

One of the more important things I learned while pursuing my doctorate is the importance of thinking. So many people live from moment to moment, without thought of either the past or their future. How many of you sit down and think? Who am I? What do I want? What do I need to be happy? If you ask people around you, you may be surprised of the answers you receive. After deep thought, I discovered I do not need “things” to be happy. My life is happier and less stressful with the acceptance of this revelation. 

Philosophers stated there are two beautiful days in a person’s life.  The day you were born, and the day you discover why you were born.  I fought for years to earn enough money to have a beautiful home, nice car, and good friends.  Out of all of that, my friends are the most stable part of my life. Houses fall, cars stop running, but real friends are always there for you.  What makes me happy? I like to spend time in my garden.  I have both a swing and a bench in the garden that is comfortable to sit and think about the day in the early mornings or late evenings. I have the basics: shelter, food, and clean water. I have an education and the ability to read and think things through when making decisions. Not saying I do not err in my choices or fail, but if I do, it is because I rushed the decision, rather than thinking it through. The purpose of this section for my blog is to give a platform for examining our typical day to day activities to have a better understanding of how things work, and how we can apply different practices to allow us to have a better life.  My suggestion is to find a time in the day that you can think about 30-45 minutes. Not do chores or other activities. Just be still and think. Make a special place to take time out for you.

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