January Garden Tasks for Zone 9

January Garden Tasks for Zone 9

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Happy New Year

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Sacramento is in Zone 9 for gardens and agriculture purposes.  This zone makes it ideal to have a year-round garden using the appropriate plants. My geraniums bloom year-round, and a large part of my roses still have blooms through the winter. Nevertheless, some years, the winters are colder, or the summers are hotter, making gardening a challenge.  The average low temperature is 25-30F degrees, with the summer range is 80-100F degrees. There are a couple of weeks in summer that go above these temperatures, but it is short term. 2020 is the worst year ever. In many ways, it has given great hope for the new year.

January is the month of rest and renewal.

  • With the last frost date around the corner, it is time to add amendments to the soil in preparation for the new year.
  • Be sure to continue turning the compost over so that it has enough oxygen to ripen the soil. (Next month – building a compost bin)
    • Tip, if there is too much rain, make sure you cover the compost with either a tarp or plastic to keep both the microbes and worms healthy.
    • I usually add a ½ pint of worms to the compost at this time of year to have plenty of workers in the compost.
  • If you are using drip lines, make sure they are flushed and drained in before a freeze.
  • Now is the time to take an inventory of your tools. Clean them, sharpen the ones that need it. I always sand the handles and either rub the handles with linseed oil or paint them to protect or nourish them so they last longer.
  • Take a seed inventory and start creating a plan for the upcoming season. Think about adding new varieties or new vegetables this year.
  • This is the month to start new seedlings indoors or in your greenhouse of broccoli, lettuce, spinach, cauliflower, kale, or eggplant.

Surprisingly, I am still getting kale, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, onions, eggplants, and “cherry tomatoes.”

The seed catalogs are starting to come out. Just relax, fix a cup of tea and look at all the pages as you think about the upcoming season. A couple of books I have added to my library.

No Dig Gardening (a course) by Charles Dowding

The Family Garden Plan by Melissa Norris

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