Gratitude: Key to Thanksgiving

Gratitude: Key to Thanksgiving


This year Thanksgiving will be different due to the Pandemic, but the essence of why we celebrate should still be similar.  As a country, we have had many challenges, from shortages of supplies, loss of employment, and corruption in governments to a profound loss of those dear to us. As in other years, there have moments of joy and moments of sadness. My premise is to retain and remain in a state of gratitude for what we have and who we are.

One of the powers we have is the fact that we can share with those who are without. In the Northern Countries of Sweden, Norway, and Finland, they do a closet cleanout and donate their castoff coats and sweaters to the homeless or needy fellow countrymen. One of my girlfriends had faithfully knitted neck scarves and hands out to the homeless around town. I suggest buying gift certificates for food to hand out during this holiday season.

So, how do we show gratitude? Modern life focuses on the bad. Just look at the news. Rarely do they talk about the good things in life, but instead tell us about the bad things: robberies, deaths, accidents, politics, killings… It takes practice to notice the good. When you see good, then be thankful for it and give praise when it is appropriate.

As we sit down to eat our Thanksgiving dinners, we should share the joys of our year along with asking questions for our children and other family members to share:

  • What are you grateful for this year?
  • What things gave you the strength to persevere in a year of challenges, both in our country and our personal lives?
  • What have you done to show others your gratitude for the things they have done?
  • How have you changed to cope with the Pandemic, and how has it affected your life?

Wishing you a good Thanksgiving from my house to your house.

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