Sacramento recently (last Thursday) went into shut down mode. This is not anything different, as most of the world finds itself in the same situation.  The purpose of this article is to explore things around Sacramento that is acceptable to do with the family, children, or just by yourself to alleviate the feelings of paranoia or cabin fever.

  • On Demand December 22-January 1, 2021:  The Wickhams: a radio play.  FREE  This is a great storytelling event on line It is an auditory radio type show full of adventures, taken place in olden times. Servants are meeting the guests for

Christmas celebration at he home of the Darcy family. This is a joyous event full of holiday cheer.   Call 916.995.5464. or email to get your free tickets.  Check it out

  • December 25-31, 2020 American River Relay  This is not free, but a chance to earn prizes with your running talent.
  • There are many free things to do during our lock down, in our own neighborhood:
    • Watch the sunrise or sunset with a cup of tea, warm blanket and the ones you love
    • Walk the dog
    • Trail running,
    • Throwing a ball with the kids
    • Biking
    • Gardening
    • Hiking
    • Horse riding
    • Meditation
    • Picnic
    • Rock climbing
    • Roller skating and roller blading
    • Sit around the fireplace and take turns making up stories
    • Watching Christmas movies
    • Wrap presents for the homeless
    • Books on Tape – good time to listen to the classics
    • Charades
    • Card games
    • Board Games

I wish you the Merriest of Holidays and a fantastic New Years.

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