Book Showcase for January

Book Showcase for January


If you cruise on Amazon for gardening books, it is overwhelming.  How do you know which one is the right one for your needs?  As a part of this website, I will be “showcasing” different gardening books that I have found to be good for small backyard gardens. These books provide useful information for both adult and senior gardeners for the Sacramento gardeners.  (I do not receive any funds for the recommendations of the books. They are books that I use frequently and have learned from.)

The first book I recommend is Charles Dowding’s No-Dig Gardening, From Weeks to Vegetables Easily and Quickly. Of course, it is written by Charles Dowding, the British Gardener. I first became aware of Mr. Dowding’s gardening techniques when I ran across his videos on YouTube.

I use a lot of his information, both in planning, planting, and maintaining my garden. His focus is to use a simple, efficient method to enhance soil quality and increase plant growth in your garden. To me, his process made sense. Your garden is an ecosystem that relies on each member of that system working in sync. This system includes making enough nutrients to provide life, cycling through the different phases, including eliminating the cycle’s waste or by-products. The book is used for his online garden classes.  It is beautifully written, easy to understand, and has lots and lots of pictures from his garden.

Even though his garden uses raised beds, I still use similar techniques for my elevated raised beds, which are enclosed.  Mr. Dowding has excellent suggestions on planning your garden, understanding the soil, and the ongoing problems with weeds. 

One of the projects I am working on currently is establishing productive compost. Next month, I will be devoting posts on setting mine up and how it works.

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